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Image by Andrew Power

Alyson Johnson

Empowering Communication Through Speech Pathology

Alyson Johnson, one of the dedicated owners of Bridges Educational Solutions, has embarked on a remarkable journey of empowering individuals through effective communication. Alyson's passion for communication started at a young age when she was exposed to American Sign Language in fourth grade. This early exposure nurtured her fascination with various modes of communication and ultimately led her to pursue a career in speech pathology.

After thorough research during her college years at Purdue University, Alyson discovered her calling to improve lives by enhancing communication skills. She completed her undergraduate studies in W. Lafayette, IN, and then pursued a Masters degree in Speech Pathology at the University of South Alabama. Alyson's commitment to her education and her fiancé, who served in the Marine Corps, led her to Arizona, where she began her professional journey.

For nearly two decades, Alyson has dedicated her expertise as a speech/language pathologist in the school system. Her own experiences as a speech therapy recipient have provided her with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by students with diverse needs. Alyson's extensive knowledge and dedication have allowed her to make a significant impact on countless individuals, helping them communicate at their highest potential.

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