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Image by Andrew Power

Mariah Lessell

Advocating for Special Education Excellence

Mariah Lessell, another remarkable director at Bridges Educational Solutions, brings an exceptional range of experience in the field of special education. With eight years of dedicated service, Mariah has become a fervent advocate for students with unique needs and a staunch supporter of inclusive education.

Mariah's journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Human and Family Development from Arizona State University. She further honed her skills by obtaining a Master's degree in Psychology from Grand Canyon University and a Special Education certification at Rio Salado. Throughout her career, Mariah has worked tirelessly in various capacities, from being a 1:1 paraprofessional to developing and leading entire special education programs.

Deeply appreciative of educators, Mariah recognizes the profound impact they have on students' lives. Her commitment to empowering students within the special education population drives her to create supportive and inclusive environments. With a wealth of experience at every level of special education, Mariah brings invaluable insights and a relentless dedication to her role as a director at Bridges Educational Solutions.

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